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Length: 1216(mm)

Width: 196(mm)

Thickness: 8(mm)

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  • Technology changes the life

    Different with the traditional CMF board , The CMFboard has the advantages of fire resistance & waterproof as ceramic tiles , butalso with the advantages otcomfortable as wooden flooring

    Basic Board Composition

    Natural minerals + natural wood self-crystallizes and solidifies into plates.


    Magnesium ores is calcined at a high temperatureof 700-900 degrees Celsius to form magnesiumoxide. which is also called activated maanesiumoxide. It has the advantages of light weight, highstrength, fire protection, heat insulation, energysaving and environmental protection


    It can be understood as a kind of salt,which is easily soluble in water.Oftenly used in potted plants or cropsdeficient in magnesium, or used as bathsalts

    Wood fiber

    High content of wood , keep theadvantages of natural wood , such asmoisture absorption, breathability andair filtration

    ALL the advantages of CMF Flooring

    Natural minerals + natural wood are self-crystallized and solidifiedto form a board. No glue is added in the whole process, and theproduction process is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. ltbecomes an environmentally friendly and sustainable green new flooring material

    The comparison of the CMF flooring with other floorngs
    /CMF FlooringLaminate FlooringEngineered FlooringSPC Flooring
    Thiciness swelling rate2%15%/2%
    Formaldehyde Release0.01mg/m³0.125mg/m³0.125mg/m³0.05mg/m³
    Heavy metalNDHaveHaveHave
    Fire resistanceB1-A classB2B2B1
    Water proofYesNoNoYes
    Underfloor HeatingYesYesYesNo


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