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SWF Series
SWF Series
SWF Series

Length : 2200;1210(mm) Width : 220;195(mm) Thickness : 12.2(mm)

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    Yangzi Brand SWFTM Stone Wood Flooring is combined with natural wood top veneerand composite mineral board.Composite mineral board is composed ofmodified inorganicmaterials, water and modifier,etc., reinforcedwith glass fiber mesh cloth,with light materials asfiller, by stirring and rolling.Traditional woodflooring is easy to absorb moisture and deform,and can't avoid fire hazards.However, thewaterproofand fireproof performance ofcompositemineral board can achieve A grade fireproof.
    As shown,Stone Wood Flooring has a 2-layerstructure.lt adopts the Unilin click locksystemoptional and floating installation.Atpresent,there are 2 sizes for you tochoose:2200x220x12.2mmRL86.61·x8.66x12.2mm)or1210x195x12.2mm47.64x7.68x12.2mm)(Unilin click lock system ) , and it alsocan be customized.
    This productis made by hot pressing MGO andVeneer with MDl glue,which featuresformaldehyde-free(accredited by CARB2),fireproof, moistureproof,and good dimensional stability.
    It not only has all the advantages of woodflooring,but also overcomes the defects such aslarge amount of adhesive without formaldehydeexpansion and shrinkage,poor fireresistance,etc.



    1210x195x12.2mm(47.64"x 7.68"x 12.2mm)

    Installation method

    Easy locking system,no glue installation

    Without locking system,full glue installation


    SWF Parameters
    thickness11mm+1.2mm veneer
    wear resistance/
    bevelPainting V-groove
    finish surface/
    packing data4pcs/carton,64carton/pallet,12Pallet/Container

    Dip strippingEither side glue failure total length less than 1/3,5 out of 6 test pieces are considered qualified if they are qualified
    Moisture content%5.0~14.0
    Abrasion resistanceg/100r≤0.15,retained paint film
    Abhesion of paint filmPaint film peeling is allowed at the intersection of cutting marks, and a small amount of intermittent peeling is allowed along the cutting marks
    Film hardness≥2H
    Pollution resistanceNo pollution,no corrosion trace
    Formaldehyde emissionmg/m³≤0.05
    Click tensile strengthN/m≥1500
    Variation rate of heating size%Length:≤0.25
    Heating warpage changemm≤2
    Gripping force of the board surfaceN≥1000


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